Tube Fab designs and manufactures high quality steel shop fittings systems, Gondola systems, brackets, shelving, wire baskets and more.

We can cater for all your steel shop fitting requirements.  Our units are flexible, easy to alter and can be reused and relocated many times.

There is an extensive range of components available in different sizes, widths and finishes.  We also have our own in-house powder coating facilities.

Choose from a variety of steel shop fittings:
v       gondola systems
v       slotted wall channel
v       wall posts
v       slotted tube
v       brackets
v       steel shelving
v       wire baskets
v       peg panel
v       cross bars
v       prongs
v       display stands
v       and many more

Use the Tube Fab Gondola system to fit out your retail space

This modular system is precision-engineered and results in a simple-to-assemble unit featuring fluted upright posts with punched side slots that will accept specifically manufactured span rails.  It simply clicks together, requiring only a soft hammer.

The addition of a slotted end frame will give a maximum multi purpose selling unit which is easily added to or altered.

Types of panels that can be used with Gondola posts:
v       slatwall
v       peg board
v       material covered panels
v       mirrored
v       wire mesh
v       coloured acrylic
v       melamine

Our steel shop fittings are suitable for anywhere in the retail sector, house, garage or workplace.

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